Irie Zulu

Irie Zulu
7327 N. North Ave
Wauwatosa, WI

Finally! I made it to Irie Zulu!
Grabbed a friend to join me for dinner and off we were!

Right off North Ave in Wauwatosa, Irie Zulu brings an authentic and unique culinary experience you won’t find often around town. We were greeted by the friendly waitstaff and given an explanation of the menu items. Very torn on which we wanted to try as so many of the dishes sounded delightful!

The owner and her mother both stopped by our table to say hello, share about the restaurant, and make sure we were being taken care of. Such a kind and welcoming family. Most of the African recipes come from the owner’s mother. We encouraged her to write a book!

Here’s what we tried:

West African Beef Suya/Chichinga (GF), 20
Sustainably raised beef, Afro Fusion Cuisine spices, cumin, African nutmeg, rice or plantain. (We chose the plantains!)
The flavoring was so unique and tasty!

Maffe Vegan (West African Peanut Butter + Rice) (GF, V), 17
Addictive, smoky and savory peanut butter stew, vegetables, jasmine rice.
Had a slight peanut butter taste. Also delicious!

I will be back!





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